Printer Issues

This will cover things you can check regarding your Printing problems.

Not Printing

Is The Printer installed? Go to control Panel/Devices and Printers. If it is installed go to next step. If it isnt, than you can add it yourself.

Make sure that the PaperCut Client is running. Type "Papercut" into your search bar and select the Papercut Client app. This will start the app running, if it is already running it will tell you.

Whatever app you are trying to print from, ensure that when you click print, the printer showing in the box is the printer you want.

If you have tried the above and you are still not able to print, contact support.

Toner low

If the printer says it is low on toner, It will continue to print without an issue. If the printer says "Toner out" please contact ICT Support telling us which colour needs replacing.

Please DO NOT ever take out the toner and shake it. The printers send information back to Konica and as soon as a toner is removed, a new one is automatically ordered. This means we quickly can get overstocked with toners.

Printer has a Paper Jam

If the Printer says there is a Jam, Please DO NOT try to remove the Jam. Contact ICT Support and we will remove the Jam for you.

Most issues can be sorted with one small step.....Reboot.

If you dont think a reboot will help, or you have already tried that. Open a chat.

No internet?

If you go to a website and it gives you a "404" error, please try a different website. The website you are trying to connect to may be down or having its own issues. If none of the websites you try work, then close down your browser and re-open. If this doesnt sort out the problem, try a reboot. If this fails to solve the issue contact support.

Cant save a document.

Remember, you cannot save to your laptop, so ensure you have a USB handy. Sometimes you will not be able to open attachments in outlook. Save them first then try and open them.

If you are on your desktop pc please take note of any error message you are recieving. Open windows file explorer and ensure you do not have a red X on your drives. If you do, double click on drive to open.

Program will not open

Sometimes when a computer is using alot of resources, it will be slow to open programs. Always give it some time and watch for the curser to see if it shows a spinning circle. This means it is doing something. Do not keep clicking on the program icon, as this will just compound the problem. If you have spent 10 minutes waiting, it might be best to restart the computer, or go get a drink.

Red X on Drives

A lot of times, double clicking on the drive will open it and remove the red X. If you can still not access the drive, contact ICT Support.