Laptop Issues

This will cover things you can check regarding your laptop problems.

Cannot log onto laptop

This depend on which laptop you have. If it is a Geobook, this is a govt laptop and it should log straight in.

If it does not and it asks you for a password, it means the the adminuser is in the username box.

You need to replace that with the following:.

.\localuser Please include the ".\" before typing localuser.

Teams issues

Scroll down to see this information.

Westwood Issued Laptop

You will know it is issued by the School if you have a school desktop when you log on.

If you cannot log onto this laptop, you need to use your school username and the password that was issued on the paperwork that came with the laptop. Do not change this password as it could make the laptop unusable.

Installing software.

You cannot install software on any of these laptops. Whether they are govt or school issued.

Teams Issues

Teams is one app within Office 365.

To get to Teams you must log onto, once on there you can get to teams or any other office application.

To log on, you must use your school email for the username. This will be in this format:

Username is what you use to log on at school with, for example-017jdoe.

If it tells you that username or password is not correct, please double check your spelling. Also make sure you do not have the CAPS lock on.

No Internet connection.

If you log on and do not have internet, make sure you check that you are connected. If you have a govt issued laptop, you should be able to look at the network icon bottom right in the taskbar.

But if you have a school issued latop, you will have to log out. Once logged out you will notice a network icon bottom right at the log in screen. if you click on that it will show wireless networks available. Connect to the one that you have access to.

Most issues can be sorted with one small step.....Reboot.

If you dont think a reboot will help, or you have already tried that. Open a chat.

If you are still unable to get something to work

Please use the chat link on the main page.